get involved

There are several ways that Christian ministries, organizations, churches or ministry lay leaders in the United States can help support the ministry of the Golden Apple Institute.
  • Pray for our ministry and for effectiveness in every venue or relationship.
  • Donate directly to Golden Apple Institute.
  • Sponsor a scholarship or event (retreat, conference, seminar).  See Budget for amounts.
  • Interface in Poland with the Golden Apple Institute:  Contact Wojtek Kowalewski directly at

    Download printable summary of Golden Apple Institute.

USA churches participate in the ministry work of Golden Apple in these practical ways:

  • Involve teams from the US in pastor or business retreats:  teaching a special topic or expertise; assisting with small group discussion; helping to conduct workshops, etc.
  • Visit pastors and churches with Golden Apple staff for preaching, meetings with church leaders and church members via teaching, encouragement and strategic planning.
  • Participate in workshops or conferences that focus on leadership development, church planting, evangelism, practical skills (both ministry and business skills).
  • Provide charitable assistance with practical needs, such as Polish building projects, painting, cleaning, distribution of food and clothing, etc.