Many evangelical leaders in the United States endorse the ministry of the Golden Apple Institute.
Poland is a country that is very dear to my heart. Over the years, I have visited Poland over 30 times and the most well-organized outreach event was hosted by Wojtek and Agnieszka Kowalewski from the Golden Apple Institute in Wroclaw! They are visionary leaders who have a great passion for disciple making and reaching their nation for Christ.
Josh D. McDowell


The Downline ministry has had great success here in America changing lives. I am excited that this success has led us to partner with such proven leaders as Wojtek and Agnieszka Kowalewski. Having been to Poland many times, I believe Wojtek and Agnieszka are just the right people to launch the kind of practical, life-transforming and reproducible training in Poland that the School of Biblical Discipleship in Wroclaw will provide.
Dr. Robert Lewis

Author, Pastor, and creator of Men’s Fraternity

Dr. Wojciech Kowalewski is a leader, with a life passion for developing leaders.  He defines strategic priorities and then executes them with diligence and integrity.   He is faithful to hard tasks — even when they are outside his personal comfort zones.  It is inspiring to see how he keeps working step by step in developing a strong Golden Apple Institute.
Bobb Biehl

Executive Mentor, Scottsdale, Arizona USA

As we have provided training, support, and resources toward the Downline Poland project, it has become increasingly clear that the Kowalewskis are especially suited for inspiring, equipping, and mobilizing leaders in Poland.  We pray alongside them for a movement of disciples and disciple-makers to be raised up in Poland.

Daniel Hinton, PhD

Executive Director, Downline Little Rock

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