who we serve


Vocational careers in ministry, looking for community with other leaders and relevant resources to enable personal development and church growth.

Value Proposition:  Golden Apple provides community where pastors get new and inspiring tools and experiences to help them reach those inside and outside of the church.

Church Leaders

Persons involved in leading various aspects of church life looking for new ways to be equipped and to motivate others.

Value Proposition:  Golden Apple provides practical training which enable church leaders explore new ideas and find applications for their life and ministry. 

Marketplace Leaders

Working professionals looking for practical leadership tools and resources to integrate into faith and work.

Value Proposition:  Golden Apple provides resources with applicable leadership content and experiences that impact their family, church and work.

Leadership training for pastors, church leaders and marketplace leaders.

Golden Apple’s Attributes – We Are:

  • Disciple-makers:  Investing in a new generation of key leaders.
  • Biblical:  Focusing on the scriptural understanding of making disciples at church, home and community.
  • Transformational:  Not just more information and knowledge, but intentional growth and living out what we believe.
  • Community:  Creating space for authentic, caring relationships that result in the multiplication of disciples.
  • Integrative:  Focusing on practical application of spiritual values in all areas of life.
  • Multipliers:  Leaders of leaders who coach, mentor and train other disciples to multiply.

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