PP BrochureThe Golden Apple Institute invests in the development of visionary and courageous leadership resulting in positive changes in key leaders in Poland and beyond.

  • Revenues:  Approximately 40% of our revenues come from Polish sources with the remaining 60% coming from USA and Europe.
  • Expenses:  Line items of our budget cover these expenses:  Marketing, publishing, curriculum development, printing, traveling, insurance, seminar and workshop conference centers, salaries, hospitality and charitable assistance to leaders.

Our funding comes from these sources:

  • Polish and/or American individuals
  • Polish and/or American churches and Christian organizations

Many people or organizations ask us “How can we help?”.

Your awareness of our basic ministry needs may provide ideas for opportunities to be involved with our ministry:

Individual Coaching: $50 per month provides a one-on-one coaching meeting for a pastor or church leader.

Leadership Forum:  $150 per month provides an opportunity for a group of leaders to participate in 2-4 hours of a topical seminar promoting Christian leadership principles.

Leadership Workshops: $250 per workshop will assist a group of church leaders, typically limited to 10-50 persons.

School of Biblical Discipleship – Downline Poland:  $285 annually will begin the process of making disciples that will multiply to 420 disciples in three years!

PP Conference Mixed GroupRetreats for Pastors & Spouses: $300 covers meals, accommodations and retreat materials for a pastoral couple (and sometimes their families) for 3 days.

Leadership Conferences:  $500 per conference will assist a larger group of leaders to participate in an all-day leadership event, typically up to 50 persons.

Office Expenses:  $1,000 per month is needed to cover office space rental, utilities, insurance and office equipment.  (We are presently operating out of our apartment.  With our growth, it is a challenge to conduct business within our home.)

Golden Apple Institute is a 501C (3) nonprofit organization with financial and managerial support in both Poland and the USA.  All contributions are tax deductible and will be acknowledged for tax purposes.

One hundred percent of your contributions will be used on behalf of the ministry.