Equipping leaders to be disciple-makers.

Downline Poland:

School of Biblical Discipleship

The School of Biblical Discipleship is a 9-month practical course in discipleship in Wroclaw, Poland.

We are in our fourth year teaching this very effective course!

Golden Apple Institute seeks to accelerate the impact of evangelical leaders in Poland.




meet the kowalewskis

Wojtek and Agnieskza Kowaleski are founders of  The Golden Apple Institute, a 13 year-old Christian ministry based in Wroclaw, Poland.  The Golden Apple Institute focuses on leadership development, coaching and transformation to pastors, church and marketplace leaders.  Read more...

wojtek’s blog

Faces of hope

Dear Friends,   It is hard to believe that a year has passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Little did we know how much Golden Apple Institute would be involved in helping refugees from Ukraine at this time. Since the war started, 9 million Ukrainian...

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Invisible war and victory

Dear Friends, The war in Ukraine has changed our country and city so much. In February, we woke up in this alarming new reality with many new challenges. Since then, over 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed the borders of Poland and have settled here. Poland...

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Ministry in uncertain times

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for all the messages, emails and phone calls asking about our situation in Poland right now. To be honest when we first saw the news about the war, we cried and fell on our knees to pray as a family. It is truly heartbreaking to see...

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