Dear Friends,

We just finished the study of Acts as part of our School of Biblical Discipleship classes. It was so inspiring to see how the early church grew and how the Lord continually added new believers in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth!

We are so grateful for you and your loving support for our ministry. Despite all the limitations connected with Covid 19, we continue strong with our School of Biblical Discipleship and are so excited about the new year. We’ve learned that we can conduct effective training online – even in a global pandemic!

As of September 2021, we will offer discipleship training from this class for people all over Poland! For the last three years, we have trained over 70 people from local churches. However, we hope that we will be able to reach and train many more people outside our original parameters when we go online. Of course we will also continue “live training” here in Wroclaw.

The School of Biblical Discipleship has many meaningful stories of how our training has changed our students’ lives. The impact of this dynamic program has been significant in spite of restrictions and illnesses.

The discipleship course is all about relationships! Valuable friendships are created through the nine-month program. Students are in constant contact with each other and offer support in the discipleship process. Our students’ professional and ministerial focus is quite diverse as they begin to understand God’s claim on their hearts and lives through this course:

  • Personal crisis manager
  • Russian-speaking pastor
  • Prayer leader
  • Evangelical activities and group development
  • Small groups for women
  • Graphics and media
  • Christian contractor – who preaches on the job site!

Golden Apple Institute continues to grow other exciting training programs and curriculums that we’ll mention in another blog. THANK YOU so much for being part of bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

Wojtek and Agnieszka