Dear Friends,

I have always dreamed about writing a book. Everyone who meets me knows how much I love reading books. (There’s always room for one more…)

When we experienced the lockdown last year, Agnieszka encouraged me to make the most of this time and write the book I dreamed about for years. So, I did! I took me six months of work, but the end result was totally worth it.

Over the last 25 years in ministry, I gathered a lot of material and experience working with various leaders and their teams. However, my greatest joy is to see changes in the lives of people I work with.

The book is entitled, “Life-Changing Questions: A Journey Into Your Heart(See explanation below). It is based on questions. Great leaders don’t need to know all the answers, but need to learn ask significant questions. Many times, I saw how the right question asked at the right time made a great difference!

I was very moved when I asked friends, leaders and key influencers to write an endorsement for the book. Literally, ALL of them responded positively! As a result, 18 pages of the book are filled with comments from pastors, leaders of non-profit organizations and business leaders we work with, recommending this work to others! Amazing!

The final endorsement is from my beloved wife, Agnieszka, who wrote: “I love this man and I believe every word he says in this book.” Wow! I am so grateful!

The book came out last month and we have already sold over 500 copies! My prayer is for every reader who picks up the book will have a life-transforming experience that leads them closer to Christ!

Please join me in this prayer! Thank you so much for being on this journey with us. We wouldn’t be able to do it without your faithful support for our ministry.



PS The book’s cover design has a large question mark on it, depicting a road. This question mark is symbolic of a person seeking his pathway. The book explains a process for a person to understand his identity and calling in Christ to confidently move forward in life-fulfilling direction.