Dear Family in Christ,

We are just ten days away from Christmas. This year has been more different than ever before. As you know from previous updates, despite all circumstances caused by Covid-19, we have remained focused on ministry. I am truly proud of our family. We responded quickly to convert our conferences and seminars to online presentations, although it caused us many sleepless nights. Our hearts are so much in discipleship and making others strong. I cannot wait to share what God has done in these past months.

Many of you know that Wojtek wrote his first book that was published in November. Not many of you know that I was involved in a different book project this year. A conference with pastors’ wives led me to a 7-month adventure with an amazing project to support one of the greatest lady speakers in Poland. This blog explains the whole story written by me that is now in her published book. Please grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading it. Making others stronger is truly my passion and I could not do this without your heart, prayers, and support.

This is what I wrote in her book entitled, Someone More.

(Edited for English) I will never forget that dark and rainy October evening as I was driving alone in my car to the ministerial wives conference. Two-hundred miles were behind me with only 30 more miles to go. A policeman stopped me to tell me to take a detour because of an accident further down the road. My navigation went completely crazy. I was so lost that I stopped and started knocking on the doors of several houses. Even the locals of this small village did not know how to guide me to my destination.

I found the same police patrol about an hour later and was shown a dark dirt road somewhere between some large old trees. I recall thinking that this was not a good start for the weekend! I wanted so badly to be at the conference, and getting lost only whetted my appetite. I knew it would be a fantastic conference and I was right.
Of course, I was the last to arrive, but the most important thing was that I was thereI sat down to dinner right away with women who, like me, are pastors’ wives. I feel at home among them. We understand each other without words, because each of us knows exactly what challenges our husbands, ourselves and our children face. This time was dedicated only to us and it was hopeful and healing.

Have you ever been to a conference where everyone was looking forward to a coffee break? Here it was the opposite. We looked forward to each session! It was delicious and fun, and the lectures and workshops added depth and meaning to what we do every day. I felt empowered. We were fed on the wisdom, knowledge and experience of several speakers, but one of them caught my attention in particular. She was beautiful, fashionably dressed and with red lipstick. “Who is this woman? Where is she coming from?”, I wondered. Her name was Bożena Ciechanowska.

Each lecture was better than the previous one. I heard many speakers, but Bożena was able to touch the most tender strings of my heart. While looking around, I had the impression that everyone in the room felt the same. As a lecturer, she was strong, concrete, substantive and soothing at the same time. I wanted to get to know her personally and when I did, I immediately felt that I had met my soul mate.

At this point, I want to write something that is not easy to talk about. I don’t know how many women, being in Bożena’s situation, would emotionally be able to run workshops with such class and commitment. After all, we were pastors’ wives. However, her beloved husband had passed away. Bożena is a really brave heroine, although she would never say that about herself.

We liked each other and had so much in common. After the conference, we started talking on the phone about life, struggles, diets and then we talked about more serious topics, such as how to live after losing someone so close. Difficult, but important, right? Our relationship has deepened. My husband often says that Bożena is a member of our family. I agree. Talks about a book also began, because as a great teacher, psychotherapist, and lecturer she had not written a single one. I decided that Bożena already had this book inside her heart, but, as one lady from our favorite show says, you need to “Pick it out”. So after a few conversations, a Facebook project was created: A book was being written. We “picked” the book every Monday. Our fun page was created to allow viewers to observe the creative process and after a few weeks we felt it was a shot at 10! Bożena bravely wrote and shared quotes and videos on our website. Many people heard about our ministry this way. We are incredibly grateful for kind words and encouragement.

I could also not forget about one more person on the # Książkasiepisze team – Izabela Kubasiak, who with her wisdom and graphic talent, transformed fragments of the book into pictures. Her sensitivity captured many hearts. Izo, you are amazing!

Beloved, despite the fact that Bożena’s book is not mine or Iza’s, I can probably write for both of us that we feel as if it was ours. This feeling accompanied us throughout the entire creative and publishing process. It was an extraordinary adventure. It would not be possible without funds, and we are overwhelmingly grateful for the friendship and trust of all donors. Your support is irreplaceable!

To the crew of Szaron Publishing House: You are the best! Grzegorz, working with you is truly unique! Everyone who was personally involved in this project felt that there was Someone More who wanted this book to be written and published.
Who would have thought that one weekend away from home could make so many changes in the lives of both the lecturer and the conference participant? I believe that only God can connect people in this way.

And by the way, of course, on the way back from the conference, I also got lost, but let this stay between us.

Sometimes it’s good to get lost to find something far greater.

(Edited to English) Dear Readers! Best-selling author, Bożena Ciechanowska, released her book, Someone More, on November 13, 2020. This date is not accidental. It is exactly five years to the day since her beloved Czarek, husband and dad, passed away. It seemed that everything was over. With this book’s publication, we celebrate the victory of life over death with Bożena, called by her friends Bonia. Today the new chapter begins in the author’s life. I believe that Bożena opens this book with an amazing opportunity also for you, Dear Reader, to become Someone More. Some time ago I heard that in order to write a book, you have to become one yourself. Bonia, I have always believed in you and that you will succeed.

“Pick” this amazing book. Congratulations on your persistence and determination! I believe that you will become an inspiration to many, just as you inspired me during this last year! Thank you for your friendship and amazing adventure.

Agnieszka Kowalewska, Your Manager

Friends in America, I hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing experience as much as I loved living it and seeing great fruit. Bozena’s book is amazing and will serve hundreds of people in Poland. Our prayer is that that one day her book will be translated into English so you can be touched by it as much as those who are in process of reading it right now.